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Terra-X Pest Services is proud to operate with an emphasis on environmental responsibility. We work to maintain a healthy balance between the planet and its creatures, including human beings. Explore our website to learn more about the sometimes pesky critters that share our world. If you have a pest problem, give us a call so we can get you back in control!

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Sometimes the best option for everyone concerned is to catch (trap) those pesky little furry creatures and the horses they rode in on If you've been proactive by eliminating whatever you think is attracting the animals and they still won't get the hint, you may be tempted to try to catch the little animals yourself--after all, they can be so darn cute, right?

Trapping is best left to professionals

Terra-X can, among other things, determine whether the animal is a new mother, in which case it can be extremely dangerous. If you see the animal that is irking you, and she has little ones, never place yourself between a mother and her babies. That protective instinct is mighty strong in a mother, and if she has a choice between you and her young, you can bet you'll lose that fight.

Before you decide how to handle your small animal pest problem, contact Terra-X. We'll work with you to arrive at the best course of action for your particular concern.


  • Licensed & Bonded
    License No. OPR11268

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